Palazzo Aldobrandini

The Palazzo Aldobrandini was constructed during the first half of the Fourteenth century and precisely at a time in which Florence began to expand beyond the boundaries of the ancient roman nucleus.

The Palace was commissioned by Messer Lapo a member of the wealthy Aldobrandini family who had made their fortune in the commerce of spices. Via delle Belledonne was at that time an important road which connected the Mercato Vecchio (market square) and Via Strozzi, to the Porta del Trebbio, the city door that led out towards the north. Although the family was already very wealthy, they were still greatly tied to trade and so they chose this location which was the main commercial artery leading out of the city. With the opening of a new bridge, the Ponte Santa Trinita, with its continuation (now Via Tornabuoni), several important palaces were built.

The new road gained importance and eventually Via delle Belledonnebecame a secondary side street. In the Nineteenth century, the palazzo housed several painter workshops and it is known that the celebrated painter Ingres had his studio in one of the apartments. This new destination is probably the reason for which most of the flats have very large windows.

Palazzo Aldobrandini Apartments